About Me

Finishing the Columbus Half Marathon.
2020 Columbus Half-Marathon

The new GeoffreyShilling.com is more of a static homepage, at least once I get things finalized over the next month or two. Some things about me are that I:

  • am a Christian that believes everything happens for a reason. #LiveAloha
  • have two amazing children. They are my world.
  • work full-time as a firefighter and also volunteer on another department.
  • am Hawaiian-at-heart. My grandparents took me for their 50th wedding anniversary when I was barely a teenager and I was instantly hooked. Big Island nō ka ʻoi!
  • created my first website in the late 1990’s using HTML and CSS. Remember Geocities? I try not to, either.
  • earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.
  • bought my kids their domain names when they were ages two and eight. Every parent does that, right?
  • spent five years active duty with the United States Navy, stationed on a submarine out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaiʻi.
  • spent almost 10 years in the Navy Reserve, hopefully completing my service this year. I’m finishing up as an Electronics Technician, First Class.
  • have more hobbies than I do time. My list of interests is extensive, but some of my favorite things to do include running, ducking (Jeeps), hiking, camping, cooking, Geocaching, and almost anything else outdoors.

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