Note: There won’t be many updates until next month but I wanted to go ahead and get things moved around so I could share my #100DaysOfFitness updates. I know some pages (especially recipes) aren’t all showing up correctly just yet, so I appreciate your patience as I get those fixed. August is extremely busy with my wife’s birthday, daughter’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, and a first responder course I’m taking for our volunteer fire department. I use an app to track time spent on fitness and a couple other activities. I’ve spent over 134 hours on fire department-related things since July 9, whether it’s the first responder course, studying, or our regular meetings.

Moving Things Around

Looking for the content that was here? It’s moved to

Aloha and welcome to I’ve gone back and forth for a while on how to organize my content. I have two distinct groups of content: web development and that focused on family, fitness, and food.  I had though about making this more of a landing page and have my development and personal site split out for a total of three sites. I really don’t want three personal sites to maintain right now so I’ve narrowed it down to two – for my personal site and for my development.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Orange River Dev
I’m a developer (in training). This site will allow me to share the projects I’m working on, ones I’ve already completed, or others I would like to work on. I’ll also be sharing some development-related posts as I see fit, which my include tips and tricks, lessons learned, or how-to’s. Current Focus:
  • Mug Monday: A WordPress plugin that uses a Gutenberg template to allow me to easily share a picture of a different coffee mug every week.
  • Learning JavaScript: Improve my JavaScript skills and learn more advanced topics, including Gutenberg.

Geoffrey Shilling

‘Ohana comes first. I’m a husband and father of two that drinks a lot of coffee, Hawaiian-at-heart, a runner that’s trying to get more into general fitness, and I love to cook. Current Focus [More to come later]:
  • Fitness: The ultimate goal is to be a parent that can keep up with my kids and teach them healthy habits at a young age. We also have a physical readiness test in the Navy Reserve twice a year. My goal is to continually improve my score until I’m at the maximum amount for my age group. We are also losing the enlisted member that runs the program and I wouldn’t mind stepping up to fill her shoes. That is going to require an “excellent” score on our test. I also started P90X3 on July 24. For only doing 30 minutes each day, I’ve seen a big difference already.
  • Recipes: I want to start finding easy, healthy recipes. With a busy schedule, I’m probably going to focus on crockpot and freezer meals. This is especially true now that the kids are back in school. Years ago I had started a site with recipes and kept it more for our use than anything else. That’s where some of the recipes on here came from and that will be the main purpose of sharing them. I’ve been having the kids each pick a recipe and make (or help make) one meal each week and this is an easy place to keep known good recipes.

Where Else to Find Me