Where’s My Time Going?

I’m involved with a number of ongoing activities that take a significant commitment of my time. I’ve found that an organization calendar/schedule really helps me stay focused. This page will be updated about once a month to reflect any changes.

Current Projects

  • Development. I have a long list of projects I want to work on, but I’m only focusing on a couple things at a time.
    • Fixing GeoffreyShilling.com. I was testing out themes and decided to stick with Twenty Seventeen so now I’m adjusting the style a bit.
    • Aloha Friday Words.  This is a fun WordPress plugin that will use a custom post type and a Gutenberg template to allow me to easily share a Hawaiian word and its definition each week.
    • I’m currently working on the Become a Front-End Web Developer learning path on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Fitness. I’ve decided this is the year to get in shape. I’m currently participating in the #100DaysOfFitness challenge, with a new goal of running 5k a day and doing 5-6 days of P90X3. Watch my progress on Instagram 
  • Reading.  Hawaii Magazine.
  • Listening (Audible).  The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris


  • Fire Department. I’ve been a volunteer firefighter since March 2016 and was voted in as Treasurer for 2018.
  • Navy Reserve. I’m our unit’s Leading Petty Officer, responsible for ensuring the success of our junior sailors.
  • WordPress Support.  I love helping out on the WordPress.org forums as much as possible.

Page last updated September 30, 2018.