I first saw a “Now” page on Jeremy Duvall’s site and immediately knew I wanted one.  I love the idea of this because it not only keeps me focused, but also allows others to see what I’m working on.

I’ll be tweaking this as I go to see what works best, but I’m going to start off updating this list about once a month.

My last version of this page used Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), but it tied in too much with time.  This is also why SMART goals won’t work for my development progress.  I have too many things going on where I don’t have control over the schedule.  For example, we don’t decide when there is going to be a fire or medical call for the fire department.  Navy Reserves can fluctuate quite a bit from month to month, depending on what needs done.  I have created a schedule I’m going to continually adjust as a guide, not worrying about sticking with it 100%.

Where's My Time Going?

I'm involved with a number of ongoing activities that take a significant commitment of my time. I've found that an organization calendar/schedule really helps me stay focused.  I'm splitting my activities up between those I consider priorities and those that are hobbies.


These are items that take precedence over the others. All of them are variable as something can come up at any time.

  • Cub Scouts. I'm our son's Den Leader.  It's a busy year for him since it's his last year before he becomes a Boy Scout. 
  • Fire Department. I've been a volunteer firefighter since March 2016 and was voted in as Treasurer for 2018.
  • Navy Reserve. I'm our unit's Leading Petty Officer, responsible for ensuring the success of our junior sailors.


These are things I enjoy doing, but quickly get bumped out of the way if there are priority items that need done.

  • Development. I have a long list of projects I want to work on, but I'm only focusing on a couple things at a time.
    • JavaScript Random Joke Generator.  My son loves when we put jokes in his lunch for school.  Having something generate a random quote for me each day would make this process easier.
    • Island of Aloha.  Think of this as a family blog.  It's going to be taking over for Household Discoveries, my very old site that I never spent much time on, but our family regularly uses.  I'll be sharing everything from recipes our family enjoys to projects and adventures, Navy Reserve resources, and more.  It'll be a work in progress because it's a lower priority, but it's scheduled to launch on Kamehameha Day (June 11, 2018).
  • Fitness. I've decided this is the year to get in shape. My goal is 25 push-ups and curl-ups each day and running at least 10 miles a week.
  • Currently Reading.  Hawaii Magazine, The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii by Pila of Hawaii, and Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover's Soul by Jack Canfield


  • Forums. More to come…
  • freeCodeCamp.  More to come…
  • Learning JavaScript.  A couple years ago Matt Mullenweg told us to learn JavaScript, deeply.  I can do the basics, especially with references, but this is the year I learn JavaScript.

Page last updated March 28, 2018.