Notice something different? I'm [slowly] working on a new site for non-development stuff. I've decided to convert this site into my online portal and split off my other stuff into two sites, Aloha from Dad and Orange River Dev.

E komo mai (that means "Welcome" in Hawaiian") and thanks for stopping by! I recently decided to turn GeoffreyShilling.com into my personal landing page.

I'll be updating this more over the coming weeks and months.

Aloha from Dad

Coming Soon!

Aloha from Dad will be replacing my [very] old site, Household Discoveries

Think of this as our ‘ohana’s (Family) reference site.  I’ve started to have the kids each help with one meal a week and this will be a good place to keep track of the ones we like.  I’ll also be sharing some of our projects, adventures, information about Hawai’i, and Navy Reserve resources.

Orange River Dev

Coming Soon!

Orange River Dev is where I’m going to post about development and WordPress.  This will be the content that was previously on GeoffreyShilling.com, including what I’ve been learning, projects I’m working on, and any other code-related items.