#100DaysOfFitness Revisited with the Addition of P90X3

I had previously started the #100DaysOfFitness challenge on June 11.  I was meeting my goals but decided that wasn’t enough.  I signed up for Beach Body on Demand (BOD) and started P90X3 on Tuesday, July 24. With the addition of BOD, I reset the #100DaysOfFitness counter to 0.  It took me a while to post something because we’ve had a first responder course and a number of other things taking a lot of time the last month.

I don’t consider myself that out of shape, but I’m not where I want to be.  The command fitness leader (CFL) for our Navy Reserve unit may be switching units, leaving us without an enlisted person in that position.  I’d like to step up and fill the role, but that means I need an “excellent-low” score on my next physical readiness test (PRT).  I have been getting various stages of “good” on my last few tests, so I have to work on that.  In order for me to get an excellent on the PRT, I need to achieve the following results:

  • 1.5-mile run in 12:33
  • 60 push-ups in 2 minutes
  • 78 curl-ups in 2 minutes

I find running to be extremely relaxing. I’d go for a 10-mile run every day if I could. The hardest part for me is finding time and now I’m throwing in P90X3 on top of that. That may seem like an odd thing to do at first. Then you think about what I’m doing by adding something else. It actually makes perfect sense.

“Action expresses priorities.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I saw a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi – “Action expresses priorities.” It’s only three words long, but it sure says a lot.  If something really is one of your priorities, you find a way. You make a way. For me this meant shifting around my schedule.  Fitness is no longer something I fit in where I can, I have intentionally put it on my calendar every day.

Updated #100DaysOfFitness Rules

For this challenge, a week will begin on Monday and end on Sunday; the exception is that I started on a Tuesday.  Every week, I want to:

  • Take at least 84,000 steps (this averages out to 12,000 per day).
    • This may change as I see how my steps are affected by doing P90X3 in place of some of my runs.
  • Workout at least 6 days using P90X3
  • Post my weekly progress (starting September 3), to possibly include:
    • Running Distance.
    • Running Time.
    • Weight.
    • Body measurements
    • Photo.
    • Other, such as physical activities not specifically being tracked.
    • Steps taken as calculated by my FitBit.
  • Share my daily progress on Instagram.  
    • This may include a photo, how many steps I’ve taken, and what workouts I completed.
    • Daily progress will be posted for the previous day so I can get an accurate total for my number of steps. Example: My steps and workout for August 20 will be posted on August 21.
    • I’ll be using the #100DaysOfFitness hashtag along with anything else that fits for the day.

Before:  Day 0, July 23, 2018.

  • Weight: 199 lbs
  • Chest: 38-1/4″
  • Waist: 34-1/4″
  • Hips: 36-1/4″
  • Right Thigh: 22-1/8″
  • Left Thigh: 22″
  • Right Arm: 12-7/8″
  • Left Arm: 13″

On your mark, get set, go!

Have you started you own fitness routine?  What are you doing to get in shape or maintain where you are? What are your goals?  I’d love for you to let me know in the comments or on Instagram!

#100DaysOfFitness: A Simplistic Way to Get in Shape This Year

I don’t really consider myself out of shape, but I’m also not where I want to be.  I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, but just kept putting it off.  I really don’t like push-ups and curl-ups, but my body isn’t going to get in shape doing nothing.  At least not the shape I want. Some people only do stuff to get in shape for summer.  I missed the timing for that, but I’m OK with that.  Although this challenge is only 100 days long ,this is the beginning of a new way of living.  I enjoy running, but the hardest part is finding time.

I made a change in my schedule.  Fitness is no longer something I fit in where I can, I have intenionally put it on my calendar.

Overall Fitness Goals

Since I’m only tracking number for running, push-ups, and curl-ups, it may seem like this is focused on my Navy Reserve physical readiness test (PRT). That’s important, but there are other reasons I want to be in the best possible shape.

  • Kids.  My kids are 4 and 11.  I want to be able to keep up with them as they get older.
  • Fire Department. Be fit enough to continue doing my job as a volunteer firefighter for many years to come.
  • Navy Reserve PRT.  Improve the score on my fitness test.
  • MapMyRun You vs the Year 2018.  I’ve signed up for the challenge to run 1018 KM (~633 miles) this year.  So far I’m a little behind from where I’d like to be, at 190 KM (~118 miles), with 206 days to go.

#100DaysOfFitness Rules

For the purpose of this challenge, a week will begin on Monday and end on Sunday.  Every week, I want to:

  • Run an average of 20 miles.
  • Do at least 75 push-ups. This breaks down to 15 push-ups five times a week. 
  • Do at least 150 curl-ups. This breaks down to 30 curl-ups five times a week. 
  • Post my progress, to include:
    • Running Distance. 
    • Running Time. 
    • Push-Ups.
    • Curl-Ups.
    • Weight.
    • Waist measurement.
    • Photo.
    • Other, such as physical activities not specifically being tracked.
    • Steps Taken calculated by my FitBit.
  • Tweet my progress using the #100DaysOfX and #100DaysOfFitness hashtags.

On your mark, get set, go!

Have you started you own fitness routine?  What are you doing to get in shape?  What are your goals?  I’d love for you to let me know in the comments!

2018 is my year to get fit.  I intend to post a before and after picture.  As a starting point, my day measurements are:

Day 1

  • Weight: 205.2
  • Waist: 36-1/4″

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