Week in Review: June 19-25, 2017

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I intend to start sharing a weekly update from now on.  This will be a great way for me to track my progress.  Here’s what I’ve been working on:



I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the WordPress.com forums for some time now.  As much as I enjoy it, that means I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time on the WordPress.org forums.  I miss them.

I’ve decided decided to cut back on the time I spend on WordPress.com get more back into the WordPress.org forums.


100 Days of Code

It’s hard to believe I’m already two weeks into #100DaysOfCode.  I’m very pleased with my progress.  I’ve been learning a lot about PHP and WordPress plugins.

Coffee Cache  [WordPress Plugin]
This was my big project for the week and I absolutely loved working on it.  Coffee Cache is a plugin to track the amount of coffee I drink and give reports based on day, week, month, brand of coffee, roast, etc.  I have created a working back-end that features:

  • Custom post type (coffee)
  • Custom taxonomies (brand, roast, location)
  • Generates a default title and filler text.  Example:  Coffee Logged at 2017-06-25 18:17
  • Removed the standard text editor
  • Added a custom meta box that allows me to set number of cups of coffee, cups of water, brand, roast, location, container tracking, and notes

IZ Ipsum  [PHP]
A Hawaiian version of the lorem ipsum generator used as filler text that can be used in initial design and mock ups.  It generates filler text using information about Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole from Wikipedia.

Popular Posts  [WordPress Plugin]
This is a plugin I built while following along with WordPress Developer Tips: Creating a Popular Posts Plugin on Lynda.com.


What are you working on this week?  Share it in the comments below!  Aloha until next week!

Podcast Review: Kitchen Sink WordPress

Overall rating: 5/5

Hosted by: Adam Silver (HeyAdamSilver)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kitchensinkwp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kitchensinkwp
Website: http://kitchensinkwp.com/
iTunes: http://kitchensinkwp.com/itunes
Stitcher: http://kitchensinkwp.com/stitcher

I’m currently listening to around 30 podcasts each week, but Kitchen Sink WordPress is always the first one I start with. Adam does an awesome job of squeezing a lot of quality content into a short time. In addition to learning new tips, tricks, and tools, you’ll also hear what WordCamps are coming up, interviews, listener questions and answers, and more! He’s completely transparent, not only with products or services he uses or recommends but what he’s personally doing and whether it’s working or not.

I was lucky enough to meet Adam Silver at WordCamp Dayton 2015, my first-ever WordCamp. I’ve seen him at a couple WordCamps since then. He is always very friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, and it seems like his sense of humor is very close to mine. Thanks for producing a wonderful podcast, Adam – and for being a great example for others in the WordPress community!

[Note:  Originally published April 28, 2017]

#100DaysOfCode: My Challenge to Code for 100 Days in a Row

In case you haven’t already heard of it, 100 Days of Code was started by Alexander Kallaway and is just like it sounds:  you commit an hour of coding every day for the next 100 days.  I’d recommend checking out his article explaining it in more detail.

I’ve dabbled in code for a while and can do some things as long as I have documentation to go by.   It’s been hard for me to find time to code much because this isn’t job-related; It’s simply a hobby I really enjoy.

Now I’m making time to begin my first round of #100DaysOfCode.  I say first round because I intend to focus primarily on WordPress and PHP.  The next time I do this I will be working on JavaScript and front-end development.

My goal for this challenge is to build a strong foundation of PHP and WordPress.

The Rules

    • I will code a minimum of one hour every day for the next 100 days.
    • I will tweet my progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.
    • I will push my work to GitHub every day, where applicable.

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Happy Kamehameha Day From the New GeoffreyShilling.com

Happy Kamehameha Day!  Today is in honor of King Kamehameha I, also known as Kamehameha the Great. He united the Hawaiian Islands into a royal kingdom in 1810.  Read more about King Kamehameha Day.

What does Kamehameha Day have to do with support or development?  Nothing!  But, as you’ll see from time to time, I have a strong passion for Hawai’i and thought this would be a fun day to launch this revised site.

If you’ve been to GeoffreyShilling.com before, it probably looks a bit different.  I’ve decided to turn this site into my place to share stuff related to WordPress support and development.